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CLP-6500 (MONO ONLY) - Sings Your Favorite Comedy & Heart Songs - Jim Nesbitt (1964)


Side 1: Lookin' For More in '64; Mother-in-Law; Right Around Home; These Modern Things; You Better Watch Your Friends; Baby, You've Cleaned Me Out;

Side 2: Working All My Life; I Can't Make It By Myself; I Laughed When You Said You Were Leaving; Something About You That I Like; Ain't No Way To Get Around It; If You Don't Love Me (Tell Me Now)

CHM/CHS-1001(e) - Ride, Ride, Ride – Lynn Anderson (1967)


Side 1: Ride, Ride, Ride[E]; Then Go[E]; Beggars Can't Be Choosers[E]; In Person[E]; It's Only Lonely Me (Trio With Liz And Casey Anderson) [E]; If This Is Love[E];

Side 2: If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away) [E]; Too Much Of You[E]; There Ought To Be A Law[E]; It Makes You Happy[E]; Tear By Tear[E]; My Heart Keeps Walkin' The Floor[E] ([E] Denotes Stereo effect was reprocessed from monophonic)

CHM/CHS-1002 - World Of Junior Samples – Junior Samples (1967)


Side 1: World's Biggest Whopper; Truth About the Fish; The Hunter; The Bird Mule; Moonshining;

Side 2: It Happened to Junior; The Disorderly House; Bitten By the Love Bug; The Cook; On Television; Keep On Keeping On

CHM/CHS-1003 - In God’s CountrySammy Poole (1967)


Side 1: There’s A Great Cloud; What He’s Done For Me; God Made This Country Great; Room At The Cross; Till I Found Christ; In The Garden;

Side 2: The Master From Galilee; On My Journey Home; In God’s Country; Battle Hymn Of The Republic; I Am Not Worthy; How Long Has It Been?

CHM/CHS-1004 - Promises, Promises – Lynn Anderson (1968)


Side 1: Promises, Promises; The Worst Is Yet To Come; No Another Time; Crying; Love Of The Common People; A Penney For Your Thoughts;

Side 2: I've Been Everywhere; Paper Mansions; Two Rolls Of Scotch Tape; Sing Me A Sad Song; A Hundred Times Today; Lie A Little

CHM/CHS-1005 - Truck Driving Cat With Nine Wives - Jim Nesbitt (1968)


Side 1: Trucking Driving Cat with Nine Wives; Living the Life of Riley; I'm Yeller; She Didn't Come Home; So Many Times; The Friendly Undertaker;

Side 2: Quittin' Time; Social Security; I Ain't Never Been Passed; The Husband is the Last One To Know; Intoxicated, Frustrated Me; A Tiger In My Tank

CHM/CHS-1006Mr Nashville Sound - Lloyd Green (1968)


Side 1: Ride, Ride, Ride; There Goes My Everything; Turtle Neck; My Elusive Dreams; No Another Time; Swarmin';

Side 2: Promises, Promises; Woman, Woman;

Mr. Nashville Sound; Too Much of You; In the Misty Moonlight; Loose Ends

CHM/CHS-1007 - Bull Session at Bulls GapJunior Samples (1968)


Side 1: Bull Session at Bulls Gap; Sports Common Taters; Bull Shootin'; Reluctant Draftee; Jailbird; Birds, Bees, Girls & Stuff Like That;

Side 2: Junior Takes to the Air; In a Stew (Chicken That Is); Junior Foils the Game Warden; Intoxicated Automobile; Dippin', Chewin', Acid & Pot; Old Swimmin' Hole

CHM/CHS-1008 - Big Girls Don’t Cry – Lynn Anderson - (1968)


Side 1: Big Girls Don't Cry; Pick of the Week; Honey; Just Between the Two of Us; I Love to Love You; Strangers;

Side 2: The Pillow that Whispers; Ring of Fire; Come on Home; Wandering Mind; You Mean the World to Me; I Keep Forgetting (That I Forgot About You)

CHM/CHS-1009(e) (Electronically Enhanced Stereo) - Best Of Lynn Anderson – Lynn Anderson (1968)


Side 1: Ride, Ride, Ride[E]; Too Much of You[E]; If I Kiss You[E]; Strangers; No Another Time; Sing Me a Sad Song;

Side 2: Promises, Promises; I Live to Love You; I've Been Everywhere; Big Girls Don't Cry; Beggars Can't Be Choosers[E]; There Outta Be a Law[E]. ([E] Denotes stereo effect reprocessed from monophonic)

CHS-1010 (CHS-2003 UK) - Cool Steel Man - Lloyd Green (1968)


Side 1: Cool Steel; Halfway to Paradise; Crazy Arms; She Still Comes Around; Too Many Dollars and Not Enough Sense; Greenblue;

Side 2: Bar Hoppin'; Big Girls Don't Cry; Harper Valley PTA; Take These Chains From My Heart; Dreams of the Everyday Housewife; Pedal

CHS-1011 - One More Time - Hargus Robbins (1968)


Side 1: Love's Apparition; Almost Persuaded; The Bridge Washed Out; Autumn of My Life; Funk Chunkin'; Big Girls Don't Cry;

Side 2: Strangers; It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'; Tequila Float; Love Takes Care of Me; Lonely Lovers; Let It Be Me

CHS-1012 - Sugar Cane County - Maxine Brown – (1969)


Side 1: Sugar Cane County; I Want to Thank You; You'll Come a Running; Never Love Again; Take It Out In Trade; Another Souvenir;

Side 2: I'm in the Arms of a Heartache; Under the Influence of Love; Dad I Never Saw You Cry; My Biggest Mistake; Take Time to Know Him; One Man Band

CHS-1013 - With Love From Lynn – Lynn Anderson - (1969)


Side 1: All You Add Is Love; Stand By Your Man; Too Many Dollars and Not Enough Sense; A Million Shades of Blue; Only Baby That'll Walk the Line; Be Quiet Mind;

Side 2: Flower of Love; Wave Bye Bye to the Man; Our House is Not a Home; The Wife You Save May Be Your Own; The Auctioneer; Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

CHS-1014 - Duet Country - Various Artists - (1969)


Side 1: We’re Different(Lynn Anderson & Jerry Lane)[E]; Just Between the Two of Us(Gordon Terry & Maxine Brown); Don’t Let Your Big Mouth Take You(Ott Stephens & Trina Love); In The Shadows Of The Night(Tom Tall & Ginny Wright)[E]; Looking Over Our Shoulders(Kenny Vernon & LaWanda Lindsey); You’ve Gotta Be The Greatest(Lynn Anderson & Jerry Lane)[E];

Side 2: Eye To Eye(Kenny Vernon & LaWanda Lindsey); Keeping Up Appearances(Lynn Anderson & Jerry Lane)[E]; If You Can’t Bring It Home(Ott Stephens & Trina Love); Two Of A Kind(Gordon Terry & Maxine Brown); I Want You(Tom Tall & Ginny Wright)[E]; For Better Or For Worse(Lynn Anderson & Jerry Lane)[E] ([E] Denotes stereo effect reproduced from monophonic)

CHS-1015 - Swingin' and Singing My Song - LaWanda Lindsey - (1969)


Side 1: Singing My Song; I'm Not Half As Strong; Beggars Can't Be Choosers; I Did My Duty; Woman's Intuition; Wave Bye Bye To The Man;

Side 2: Take Me Home; There Never Was A Time; What Kind Of Woman; Faded Blue; Woman Of The World; The Decline And Fall Of Me; 

CHS-1016 - The Gordon Terry Way – Gordon Terry - (1969)


Side 1: Charlie’s Pride; Togetherness; Baby Gets All Her Loving From Me; Ballad Of Biggersville; Day Of The Gun; Memories Coming Home;

Side 2: That’s What Tears Me Up; Vision Of Blindness; Holding Trouble; The Easy Way Out; A Little Bit;

CHS-1017 - At Home With Lynn – Lynn Anderson - (1969)


Side 1: Where’s The Playground, Bobby; Take Me Home; Games People Play; Singing My Song; I’m Alright; Full House;

Side 2: Rocky Top; If Silence Is Golden; Mr. Walker, It’s All Over; Jim Dandy; That’s A No No; I Used To Know All Those Things

CSS-3000 - Country Hit Parade (Chart Special Series) Various Artists - (1969)


Side 1: Wave Bye Bye To The Man (Lynn Anderson); Big Rig Rolin’ Man (Johnny Dollar); I’ll Tell You Where To Go (Kenny Vernon); Never Once (Gene Hood); Water And The Wine (Vance Bulla); Born To Be Unlucky (Joe Gibson);

Side 2: It Makes You Happy (Lynn Anderson); I’ve Gotta Stay High (Johnny Dollar); Woman Won’t You Make Up My Mind (Kenny Vernon); There’s Gonna Be Lovin’ (Gene Hood); Two Hearts On A Postcard (Vance Bulla); Old Friend (Joe Gibson)

CSS-3001 - Nashville Sound Hits Volume 1 (Chart Special Series) Various Artists - (1969)


Side 1: Intoxicated, Frustrated Me (Jim Nesbitt); Another Souvenir (Maxine Brown); No Another Time (Jerry Lane); I Might As Well Be Dead (Wes Helm); The Cold Wind (Debra Berry); Long Live Love (Clyde Owens);

Side 2: Quittin’ Time (Jim Nesbitt); I’m In The Arms Of A Heartache (Maxine Brown); It’s All So New To Me (Jerry Lane); She Came Around Last Night (Wes Helm); All American Sport (Debra Berry); I’m Afraid (Clyde Owens)

CHS-1018 - Country Happening – Kenny Vernon - (1969)


Side 1: Freeborn Man; Yes Virginia; That's All Right; Woman Won't You Make Up My Mind; Sea Shores Of My Mind; Looking Over Our Shoulders;

Side 2: The Ba-Ba Song; Oh Why Not Tonight; I'll Tell You Where To Go; Is It Me; Raining On A Sunny Day Without You; Eye To Eye

CHS-1019 - Proud Mary - Anthony Armstrong Jones - (1969)


Side 1: Proud Mary; Be Quiet Mind; Put A Little Love In Your Heart; All My Tomorrows; One Good Thing About A Bad Thing; The Only Girl I Can't Forget;

Side 2: New Orleans; It's Only Lonely Me; It's Too Late; And Say Goodbye; Breakin' Point;

CHS-1020 - I’ve Got Life To LiveConnie Eaton - (1969)


Side 1: I've Got Life To Live; And Say Goodbye; He's A Night Owl; Bonnie; The Question;

Side 2: Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense; These Hills; Morning Blue; Something's Wrong In California; Davy Jones Locker; A Million Shades Of Blue

CHS-1021 - That's a Hee HawJunior Samples - (1969)


Side 1: That's a Hee Haw; The Life Of a Star; The Rabbit Song; Uncommonly Well; Ole Rover; Ode to the Thunder Mug;

Side 2: Doggone (My Dog's Gone); The Insurance Man; Tobe, The Mule (Part 1); Tobe, The Mule (Part 2); Junior's Love Life; Junior & the Doctor

CHS-1022 - Songs that Made Country Girls Famous – Lynn Anderson - (1969)


Side 1: Once A Day; I Fall To Pieces; You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man); It Wasn’t God Who Made Honkytonk Angels; Mama Spank; Dark Moon;

Side 2: Here Comes My Baby Back Again; Harper Valley PTA; Don’t Touch Me; Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad; Ride, Ride, Ride

CHS-1023 - Big Rig Rollin' ManJohnny Dollar - (1969)


Side 1: Big Rig Rollin' Man; Wild Cherry; Other Seeds To Sow; Truck Driver's Lament; Meeting Of the Bored; I've Got to Stay High;

Side 2: Big Wheels Sing for Me; Rain Falls In Denver; Changing Her Thinking; Highway In the Sky; You've Got What It Takes; If I Get Low Enough

CHS-1024 - Moody RiverLloyd Green - (1969)


Side 1: Moody River; Robin; Running Bear; Bare-Back; Tell Ya What;

Side 2: Moon River; Orbit; Ruby; Three Picks; Steel Blue

CHS-1025 - Lovers LaneJerry Lane - (1969)


Side 1: Lover's Lane; Ten Years Of Life; Quietly Losing My Mind; He's Not What You Had In Mind; She Lives In Your World;

Side 2: No Another Time; My Mind Won't Mind Me; It's All So New To Me; Crawling Back To Me; The More I Think Of You; I Hate To Sing And Run

CHS-1026 - Best Of Our Country GirlsVarious Artists - (1970?)


Side 1: No Another Time(Lynn Anderson); I’m Under the Influence of Love(Maxine Brown); Beggars Can't Be Choosers(LaWanda Lindsey); And Say Goodbye(Connie Eaton); I’m Gonna Let George Do It(Dianne Leigh);

Side 2: Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense(Connie Eaton); The Wife You Save(Dianne Leigh); Sugar Cain County(Maxine Brown); Too Much Of You(Lynn Anderson); Wave Bye, Bye To The Man(LaWanda Lindsey)

CHS-1027 - Take a Letter Maria - Anthony Armstrong Jones - (1970)


Side 1: Take A Letter Maria; Ruby; To See My Angel Cry; Words; I Still Love You;

Side 2: Little Deeds Of Kindness; Witchita Lineman; Sweet Caroline; Everybody's Talkin'; One For The Road

CHS-1028 - Uptown Country Girl – Lynn Anderson - (1970)


Side 1: I've Been Everywhere; He'd Still Love Me; Wave Bye Bye To The Man; He Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye; Morgen Wirst Du Wieder Bei Mir Sein;

Side 2: Partly Bill; The Ways To Love A Man; Okie From Muskogee; Then Go; and Ich Hab' Einen Boy In Germany

CHS-1029 - Tony In Nashville - Tony Martin - (1970)


Side 1: The Coast of California; April’s Fool; Here’s To Forever; Too Much Of You; Strangers; The Hills Of Yesterday;

Side 2: One For The Road; Inseparable; Pistol Packin’ Mama; Walk A Mile In My Shoes; The More I Think Of You

CHS-1030 - Pickin’ Wild Mountain Berries - LaWanda Lindsey & Kenny Vernon - (1970)


Side 1: Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries; We Don't Deserve Each Other; Looking Over Our Shoulders; You And Me Sweet Love; The Bridge Washed Out;

Side 2: Eye To Eye; Let's Think About Where We're Going; Always, Always; The Part In Between; Down In The Boondocks

CHS-1031 - Running Bare - Jim Nesbitt - (1970)


Side 1: Runnin' Bare; Pollution; It's Great To Stay In The USA; My Old Drinking Friends; A Good Woman Is Hard To Find;

Side 2: When They Sent My Old Lady To The Moon; Nice Guys Always Finish Last; Stranded; If You See My Brother; Six Broken Hearts

CHS-1032 - Songs My Mother Wrote – Lynn Anderson - (1970)


Side 1: Just Between The Two Of Us; I Keep Forgetting; Be Quiet Mind; Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Sense; Flattery Will Get You Everywhere; Mama Spank;

Side 2: If I Kiss You, Will You Go Away?; Strangers; If This Is Love; Big Girls Don't Cry; Ride, Ride, Ride; Beggars Can't Be Choosers


CHS-1033 - You’re the ReasonBobby Edwards – (1970)Side 1: You’re The Reason; Just Ain’t My Day; Each Time You Cross My Mind; Loving You Is Killing Me; It’s A Sin; Once A Fool (Always A Fool);

Side 2: Walker Town; Part Time Sweetheart; Don’t Pretend; Bring My Baby Home; I’m Sorry To See Me Go

CHS-1034 - Hit The Road JackConnie Eaton & Dave Peel - (1970)


Side 1: Hit The Road Jack; Rings Of Gold; The Question; No Rest For The Wicked; These Hills;

Side 2: It Takes Two; To Love Somebody; In The Shadows Of The Night; Our Divorce Was A Failure; If You've Been Better

CHS-1035 - We'll Sing In the SunshineLaWanda Lindsey - (1970)


Side 1: We’ll Sing In The Sunshine; Ways To Love A Man; That’s A No No; The Day Of Our Love; Wrong Number;

Side 2: Partly Bill; Battleground; Making Waves; I’ll Just Take Your Word For It Baby; What Should I Care

CHS-1036 - Sugar In The Flowers - Anthony Armstrong Jones - (1970)


Side 1: Sugar In The Flowers; Patches; The Days Of Sand And Shovels; Lead Me Not Into Temptation; It’s My Way Of Loving You;

Side 2: Vision Of Blindness; Whoever Finds This, I Love You; Too Much Of You; Missing You; Sound Of An Angels Wings

CHS-1037 - I’m Alright – Lynn Anderson - (1970)


Side 1: I'm Alright; Love Me, Love Me; Try a Little Kindness; My Friend; Haunted House;

Side 2: Rocky Top; Seven Lonely Days; Down in the Boondocks; The Pillow That Whispers; If the Creeks Don't Rise

CHS-1038 - Nashville Union Station DepotKenny Vernon - (1970)


Side 1: Nashville Union Station Depot; You Wouldn’t Know Love; Lodi; The Greatest Love; Puzzles Of My Mind;

Side 2: Up On Cripple Creek; Polk Salad Annie; Country Music Circus; Joseph Lee Cole; The Part In Between

CHS-1039 - Move Two Mountains Dave Peel - (1971)


Side 1: (You’ve Got To) Move Two Mountains; My Baby; I’m Walkin’; If You’ve Been Better Than I’ve Been; Willard Crabtree’s Running For Trustee;

Side 2: Wax Museum; Sad Man’s Song; Rooms Of My Mind; Day; Anna Riley

CHS-1040 - Greatest Hits Volume 1 – Lynn Anderson - (1971)


Side 1: It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels; Thats A No No; Our House Is Not A Home; Ride, Ride, Ride; Take Me Home;

Side 2: No Other Time; Flattery Will Get You Everywhere; Partly Bill; Wave Bye Bye To The Man; The Worst Is Yet To Come;

CHS-1041 - Are You From DixieDel Wood (1971)


Side 1: Are You From Dixie?; I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know; Kentucky Turnpike; Wesley's Tune; Remembering;

Side 2: Gloryland March; Snowbird; Let the Goodtimes Roll; Standing Room Only; Psychedelic Mockingbird

CHS-1042 - Guitaration GapJoe & Jody Maphis - (1971)


Side 1: Guitaration Gap; Fire And Rain; If I Kiss You; Sippin', Pickin' And Flippin'; Celito Lindo;

Side 2: Scruggin' It; Lookin' Out My Back Door; Ride, Ride, Ride; The Letter; Billy In The Low Ground

CHS-1043 - Lynn Anderson With Strings – Lynn Anderson - (1971)


Side 1: Where's The Playground Bobby; To Much of You; Partly Bill; Big Girls Don't Cry; The Pillow That Whispers;

Side 2: Love Of The Common People; Sing Me A Sad Song; He Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye; There Oughta Be A Law; A Million Shades Of Blue

CHS-1044 - Best Of Jim Nesbitt - Jim Nesbitt - (1971)


Side 1: Havin’ Fun In ’71; Truck Driving Cat With Nine Wives; I’m Yeller; A Tiger In My Tank; It’s Great To Stay In The USA; Social Security;

Side 2: Running Bear; Stranded; Quittin’ Time; The Friendly Undertaker; Pollution; When They Sent My Old Lady To The Moon

CHS-1045 - Best of Junior SamplesJunior Samples - (1971)


Side 1: The World's Biggest Whopper; The Bird Mule; Junior's Love Life; The Disorderly House; The Rabbit Song; The Insurance Man;

Side 2: Thats a Hee Haw; Moonshining; In a Stew (Chicken That Is); Sports Common Taters; Jailbird; Doggone (My Dog's Gone)

CHS-1046 - Young Gospel CountryVarious Artists - (1971)


Side 1: Didn’t He Shine(LaWanda Lindsey); Sing Me A Gospel Song(Jimmy Hinson); He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands(James Allen Chambers); God Paints Pictures In The Sky(Connie Eaton); Battle Hymn Of The Republic(Sammy Poole);

Side 2: Take My Hand Precious Lord(Connie Eaton); I Saw The Light(James Allen Chambers); With These Rings(LaWanda Lindsey & Jimmy Hinson); How Great Thou Art(LaWanda Lindsey); In The Garden(Sammy Poole)

CHS-1047 Greatest Hits Volume 1 - Anthony Armstrong Jones - (1971)


Side 1: Take A Letter Maria; Sugar In The Flowers; New Orleans; Make It Hard For Me; I Forgot To Live Today; Lead Me Not Into Temptation;

Side 2: That Lucky Old Sun; Proud Mary; And Say Goodbye; Sweet Caroline; I’m Gonna Stop Loving You; Too Much Of You

CHS-1048 - Greatest Hits Volume 1LaWanda Lindsey - (1971)


Side 1: You Make My Day; Beggars Can’t Be Choosers; We’ll Sing In The Sunshine; Wave Bye, Bye To The Man; Partly Bill; What Kind Of Woman; That’s a No No; I’ll Just Take Your Word;

Side 2: Partly Bill; Wave Bye Bye To The Man; What Kind Of Woman; No Matter How You Do Me; Making Waves

CHS-1049 - Something SpecialConnie Eaton - (1971)


Side 1: Angel Of The Morning; Leave Me; Sing A Happy Song; Stand By Your Man; One Time Too Many; Glad To Be Your Woman;

Side 2: Tar And Cement; Memories; Get Together; Take Me Back; Games People Play; Tomorrow My Baby’s Comin’ Home

CHS-1050 - Lynn Anderson (2LP Set) – Lynn Anderson - (1971)


Side 1: Big Girls Don’t Cry; Pick Of The Week; Honey; Just Between The Two Of Us; I Live To Love You; Strangers;

Side 2: The Pillow That Whispers; Ring Of Fire; Come On Home; Wandering Mind; You Mean The World To Me; I Keep Forgettin; (That I Forgot About You);

Side 3: Ride, Ride, Ride; Then Go; Beggars Can’t Be Choosers; In Person; It’s Only Lonely Me; If This Is Love;

Side 4: If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away); Too Much Of You; There Oughta Be A Law; It Makes You Happy; Tear By Tear; My Heart Keeps Walking The Floor

CHS-1051 - Temptation Keeps Twistin' Her Arm - Carl Butler & Pearl - (1971)


Side 1: Temptation Keeps Twistin’ Her Arm; Easy Lovin’; Let’s Watch The Bluebirds; Two Of A Kind; Watch That First Step;

Side 2: Don’t Let Me Cross Over; Fifteen Years Ago; She Didn’t Come Home; I’m So Close To Loving You; Heartaches For Lunch

CHS-1052 - The Greatest Grand Ole OpryRed Sovine - (1972)


Side 1: The Greatest Grand Ole Opry; Six Broken Hearts; Petunia; The Day The Preacher Came; Here It Is Christmas;

Side 2: The Old Pine Tree; Two Hearts On A Post Card; The Guilty One; Down Through The Years; Mama’s Birthday

SQBQ-94001 - Here's Lynn Anderson – Lynn Anderson (Capitol Record Club Edition)(1972)


Side 1: I've Been Everywhere; Too Much Of You; Games People Play; A Million Shades Of Blue; Ring Of Fire;

Side 2: Try A Little Kindness; Come On Home; There Oughta Be A Law; Sing Me A Sad Song; Only Baby That'll Walk The Line;

Side 3: Down In The Boondocks; The Ways To Love A Man; Mr. Walker It's All Over; Partly Bill; That's A No No;

Side 4: Okie From Muskogee; It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels; Harper Valley PTA; Stand By Your Man; Where's The Playground Bobby?

CH-1776 - History of the American RevolutionDallas Corey - (1972)


Side 1: Lexington; Battle Of Bunker Hill; Run, General, Run; Signing Of The Declaration; The Campaign Of 1776;

Side 2: The Battle Of Brandywine; The Battle Of Saratoga; The South Rose To Arms; The Swamp Fox; Beginning Of The End; Oh, What A Price To Pay

CHS-1053 - The Best Of Billy "Crash" Craddock - Billy "Crash" Craddock - (1973)


Side 1: There Oughta Be A Law; Anything Thats Part Of You; Two Arms Full Of
Lonely; The Love We Live Without; Guest Artist Gene Hood - Never Once;

Side 2: Your Love Is What It Is; Go On Home Girl; Whipping Boy; Learning To Live Without You; Guest Artist Gene Hood - There's Gonna Be Lovin’

CHS-2054 - Kirks BestKirk Hansard – (1973)


Side 1: Serious Drinking; I’ll Be There; The Road; If This Ain’t Heaven; Through This World Of Mine;

Side 2: Nudist Colony; Adults Only; Make It Short For Me; What Have You Done; A Thousand Honky Tonks Ago

CHS-2055 - Best Of Chart Country – (1973)- Various Artists


Side 1: Big Wheels Roll For Me (Johnny Dollar); Tar And Cement (Connie Eaton); Truck Drivin’ Cat With Nine Wives (Jim Nesbitt); The Guilty One (Red Sovine); I’ll Just Take Your Word (LaWanda Lindsey); Nashville Union Station Depot (Kenny Vernon); Cool Steel (Lloyd Green); I’m Under The Influence Of Love (Maxine Brown);

Side 2: Runnin’ Bare (Jim Nesbitt); You Make My Day (LaWanda Lindsey); Bar Hoppin’ (Lloyd Green); The Greatest Grand Ole Opry (Red Sovine); Sugar Cane County (Maxine Brown); Joseph Lee Cole (Kenny Vernon); And Say Goodbye (Connie Eaton); Big Rig Rollin’ Man (Johnny Dollar)

CHS-2056 - It’ll Come BackRed Sovine - (1974)


Side 1: It’ll Come Back; Love Makes The Grass Grow Green; Daddy’s Girl; Sunshine Man; Daisy’s Chain;

Side 2: Can I Keep Him Daddy; Sugar Tree; I Love You More; Everybody Sing A Song; Red’s So Fine

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