Are You From Dixie?
CHS-1041 - (1971)

Side 1:
Are You From Dixie? (Jack Yelben-J. Cobb)
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Cecil Null)
Kentucky Turnpike (Del Wood)
Wesley's Tune (Del Wood)
Remembering (Del Wood)

Side 2:
Gloryland March (Johnnie Masters)
Snowbird (Gene MacLellan)
Let the Goodtimes Roll (Leonard Lee)
Standing Room Only (Del Wool-L. Rosenberg-J. Hagen)
Psychedelic Mockingbird (Del Wood)

Produced by:
Cliff Williamson

Album Design by Dan Quest & Associates, Inc


    On February 23, 1952, Del Wood stepped onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and pounded out a tune. This was the beginning of a lasting relationship between the Opry and Del Wood. Hearing Del play her rambunctious, good time music, has become a real highlight of the Grand Ole Opry Show that country fans look forward to hearing when visiting the Opry.
    It would be wonderful if you could stand over her shoulder and watch her play "Are You From Dixie". The song seems to flow endlessly from her heart, to her fingers, to the keys, to the strings. You would be amazed.
    At home she is the proud mother of seven year old Wesley, after whom "Wesley's Tune" was named.