Big Rig Rollin' Man
CHS-1023 - (1969)

Side 1:
Big Rig Rollin' Man (C. Fields & J. Howard)
Wild Cherry (Cecil Null)
Other Seeds To Sow (Jim Robinson)
Truck Driver's Lament (Joe Gibson)
Meeting Of the Bored (Liz Anderson)
I've Got to Stay High (B. Owens & L. Owens)

Side 2:

Big Wheels Sing for Me (J. Dollar & Bill Morrow)
Rain Falls In Denver (Jim Compton)
Changing Her Thinking (J. Dollar)
Highway In the Sky (Clayton Ford)
You've Got What It Takes (Clayton Ford)
If I Get Low Enough (David L. Riss & Charles Field)

Produced by:
Slim Williamson & Joe Gibson

Album Design by Dan Quest Art Studio

    With a grin a mile wide, a heart as big as those rigs he sings about, and a quip for every occasion, no wonder Johnny Dollar is known as Mr. Personality.
    This fast talking Texan can wheel into a crowded room, grinning and talking a-mile-a-minute, and his presence is felt by every one, yet you somehow get the impression that he is talking directly to you as an individual.
    And this guy is sneaky! If he doesn't win you over with his brash friendliness, he's sure to reach you with his good, old fashioned country manners, like saying "Yes Mam" "Yes sir," and "Thank you."
    We think Johnny's real goal in life is to have more friends than anyone else. He's got a good head start on it too. Blessed with a remarkable memory for faces, names, and places, his friends are legion and every one of them is a dyed-in-the-wool Johnny Dollar fan.
    This is Johnny's fifth album and we think it's his greatest. It features several of his big hit truck driving songs like "BIG RIG ROLLIN' MAN" and "BIG WHEELS SING FOR ME." Sure friend-winners also are "THE RAIN FALLS IN DENVER TONIGHT" and “IF I GET LOW ENOUGH." Whether he's poking fun at his truck driving buddies or singing a mournful ballad, the Johnny Dollar personality really shines through on this album.
    If you ever get a chance to meet Johnny, just walk right up and say hi and you'll have a new friend. We think you'll be as proud as we are to call Johnny Dollar "friend."

-Joe and Betty Jo Gibson