Sugar Hill
Album Discography



SHS-001 - Two Side Of - Stan Gunn - (1971)

Side 1: A Vision Of Blindness; This Is The Place; The Wrong Side Of The World; Dead And Gone; Let Me Live Again

Side 2: I'll Be There; My Baby's Coming Home; Lie To Me Lifeline Of Love; We're All The Same Size

SHA-002 - Because You're Just More A Woman - Bob Yarbrough - (1971)

Side 1: Because God Made You Mine; My Woman, My Woman, My Wife; When's The Last Time; You Make My Day; Into Silver Days

Side 2: You're Just More A Woman; My Woman Satisfies; Take My Love On Home; Big Ol' Thing Called Love; In The Palm Of My Hand

SHA-003 - John Anthony Hart - John Anthony Hart - (1972)

Side 1: One Sweet Dream; I Still Go To Memphis; Corpus Christy Winds; More Than Honey; Them Was The Good Ole Nights

Side 2: A Yard To Play In; Growing Pains; I Believe In You; I Can't Go; Skip High, Skip Low

SHA-004 - Town & Country - Stan Gunn - (1974)

Side 1: Release Me; Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy; Danny Boy; Time Is Not Enough; Brand New Bed Of Roses

Side 2: Wabash Cannon Ball; Sunday Morning Coming Down; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; I'm Gonna Change Everything; Spanish Eyes