Chart Records

Staff & Management


Over the years of Chart's growth there were many people involved, especially in the later years. Although I wish I could, I find it's simply impossible to list each person who helped Chart to flourish. Therefore, I will concentrate on the four people pictured above. Slim & Ott, of course, were the two who started it all. Even between those two their titles and functions flip-flopped and changed; one listed as president at one time, then the other the next. While Slim was interested only in the business aspect of Chart, Ott was also a recording artist and he did fairly well in that respect.

One of my regrets in this project is that I never got to do an interview with Ott Stephens. I did talk to him on the phone and asked a few preliminary questions. This was in the earilest stages of my quest to learn as much about Chart as I could and did not realize he was in fact a partner in the company. I was still in the Navy at the time and was almost ready to retire. Before I knew it I was looking for a job and the one I took kept me on the job so much I was unable to persure my quest as much as I would have liked. I do hope to correct that in the near future......