Dave Peel

Folk Singer Turned Country

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Read David's interview! He provides an insightful look into the Chart years!

Dave is a native of Nashville, Tn. He became interested in music at a very early age and after only one year into college he set out to California to follow his dream of becoming a folk singer. He became friends with Randy Sparks of The New Cristy Minstrels fame. He worked for Randy for a while and was "discovered" by Fess Parker. He became a regular on the Daniel Boone series and traveled with Fess Parker as part of Parker's road band. While on a skiing trip to Aspen, Co he met Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio. The friendship evolved into a hitch with The New Kingston Trio. After a long tour with the New Kingston Trio, Dave decided to take an extended stay in his hometown. While playing at a small nightclub he was approached by a man who was a booking agent for Hubert Long. One thing lead to another and Dave was introduced to Slim Williamson. Slim  immediately signed him to a singing contract. His first single, "I'm Walkin'", was an instant hit. He followed that up with "Wax Museum", shortly afterwards. Dave had great success as a duet singer with the talented young Connie Eaton. Their hits of "Hit The Road Jack" and "Ring's Of Gold", and "It Takes Two", soon established them as chart toppers. In 1972 Dave went back to California. In 1978 he and his second wife became "musical ministers", singing gospel music and performing at Christian events. In the late 80's he was invited to Branson, Mo where he had a family act. This lasted until the late 90's. He and his daughter moved back to Nashville so she could attend school and Dave started a new career as a custom re-modeler. He is still in construction and he is singing part time with the New Kingston Trio again. He plans on singing with them full time later this year when singer Bob Shane retires. Good luck Dave!