China Girl


Side 1:
China Girl - (Gene Brown)
Something Ain't Right - (Shirl Milet)
Get It Over - (Shirl Milet)
A Skeleton In Evey Closet - (Hayes)
That's How Sure I Am (Gene Brown)
If You Want Her You Can Have Her (Gene Brown)

Side 2:
Force Of Habit - (Roberts, Painter)
Watching Plaster Fall - (Carahan)
God Made A Woman - (Gene Brown)
Long Black Hair - (Shirl Milet)
One For All And One For All - (Gene Brown)
When Our Front Door Is Shut - (Hayes)


Gene Brown was born at an early age (zero to be exact). Some folks say he started singing and playing before he was two weeks old but we suspect they were streching the truth a little.

Actually Gene did start very young and sang on talent shows, radio, etc. all over the Midwest. Later he moved to the west coast where he made he first television appearence with Spade Cooley and became a member of the "Town Hall Party" along with such notables and Tex Ritter, Merle Travis, Freddie Hart, and that well known artist, Minnie Others.

Gene is currently the host and star of Midwest Jubilee out of Springfield Mo.

We think Gene Brown fans everywhere will enjoy his first album on Musictown.